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It's my birthday and I'll write if I want to

I'm not supposed to admit my age in Hollywood, but I don't abide by rules - I'm an Aquarian after all. People say the best years of your life are spent in your thirties - but they also said that about their twenties before they turned thirty, and are saying it today about their forties, since they've entered them. The truth is, life is what you make it, no matter at which age you decide to make it. I've spent my whole life waiting to turn, I suppose I've decided to make it now.

While my last ten years were about building things - relationships, a resume, a career, a savings, or literally building things out of wood - I'm hoping my Manager was right when she told me, "your thirties are about enjoying the fruits of all your labor". Well, they damn well better be because I've worked my ass off and am really ready to relax!

While I may be leaving my twenties behind, there are some very meaningful lessons that came with them which I will most certainly be taking with me. In celebration of this new decade of life, I'd like to share my favorites with you, in addition to some photos from my birthday celebration this past weekend in Big Bear. Enjoy!

- Lessons I learned in my 20's -

(In somewhat of an order. Feel free to borrow some for yourself or bestow them upon others.)

When you drink remember: alcohol, water, alcohol, water. That's how you avoid a hangover.

Finding a group of great, steady girlfriends, is much more important, difficult and traumatizing, than finding a great boyfriend - but it's worth it.

Money will come and go, so don't spend it on stupid shoes you'll never wear. Spend it on trips or meals you'll never forget.

Most prefer hearing an apology as opposed to having to give one, so be the best daughter, girlfriend, friend, sister, etc. you can be, despite how you are treated or if your emotions tempt you otherwise.

Never do anything for a specific result. Only do it because it sincerely makes you happy.

People are and will be mean - you cannot change them, but you can change how you react to them and their actions.

Sushi is actually pretty f'ing delicious. Always be open to trying something you never thought you would, as it might just agree with you.

Do not let people change you, but be open to their influence if it may bring a positive change within yourself.

To launch forward you must first be in back. So, don't be upset if you're behind.

Don't be comparative. Everyone's given a different equation in life to solve for themselves. No two solutions are the same.

Never get a puppy or animal from a breeder. There are so many great ones who need homes at shelters.

Have standards and hold to them. Always.

Find a cause you believe in and live for it.

Only surround yourself with people who celebrate and support you. There isn't enough room in your life for anyone else.

Take a moment to remember exactly how much you've accomplished and acknowledge it. It will be easy to forget how much you've done in the wakes of disappointment.

Life is full of peaks and valleys. This, too, shall pass. Everything will be okay.

No one in life will care more about you than yourself. No one will make you happier than you will make yourself. Remember that and live by it.

Technology is necessary, but more so is the need to live without it every now and then.

Ask people to take your pictures. Taking selfies just makes us more antisocial as a species.

Balance work and play.

Sometimes, you just have to lean in and go with it. If only for the story.

Be grateful for what you have and where you are. There will always be something better, but you will never have this moment again.

Work to live, do not live to work. Even if your job is glamorous, remember, it is still a job.

The most freedom you can have in life is not concerning yourself with people's perception of you.

Forgive. Forget. Don't judge. Accept.

Try your best to live in the present, not the past, not the future.

Know that you do not know everything. But also, you know more than you think.

Trust your gut.

When it comes to a relationship problem, refer to the corresponding episode of Sex and the City. Trust me, there's one for everything.

Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut and strategize. Think of it like a Taylor Swift album.

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