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Current Rachel Events.

"Mom and Dad" Now available on DVD and BlueRay

A strange disorder suddenly causes parents to violently turn against their own children, forcing a suburban teen (Anne Winters) and her younger brother (Zackary Arthur) to evade the clutches of their now-deranged mom (Selma Blair) and dad (Nicolas Cage). However, their situation gets even more complicated when their grandparents (Lance Henriksen and Marilyn Dodds Frank) show up for a visit. Written and directed by Brian Taylor (Crank, Gamer).

Rachel Melvin to appear on "Chicago Med"

Rachel will guest star as Julie Dutra, a fearful and pregnant woman whose baby is severely undeveloped, in the series third season. Be sure to catch her in the episode titled "Nothing to Fear" on NBC.

Passionflix's "The Trouble with Mistletoe" now available on Amazon 

When San Francisco pet shop owner Willa Davis (Rachel Melvin) encounters the man who stood her up in high school (Thomas Beaudoin), she fights both her head and her heart when she starts falling for him all over again ten years later.

Directed by Ashley Avis.

MADTOWN now available on DirectTV and On Demand

MADTOWN, which made official selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival and the Cleveland International Film Festival, follows a troubled young man, Briggs (Ventimiglia), who flashes back to the demons of his past when his sister is released from her twenty-year prison sentence for the murder of their parents. Briggs must confront his estranged sister and deal with the past, while fighting to protect his future and the new life he has rebuilt for himself.

Rachel Melvin joins "Sleepy Hollow"

Rachel will join the cast of the FOX series for its fourth season, playing the self-taught engineering prodigy Alex Norwood. Alex's ability to break down the most complex problems to its simplest components, is a talent that gives her the ability to improvise weapons and gadgets when needed which, comes in handy for Crane and his new team this season. Be sure to catch her all season long beginning January 6th, 2017.



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