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While Rachel's convinced her childhood would have been better spent in her birthplace of Chicago, Illinois, her parents seemed to feel sledding in the winter and summers spent on lakes paled in comparison to the year round summers full of the Cacti and tumbleweeds Phoenix, Arizona, boasts. Though Rachel can credit her impeccable swim training to growing up in the Grand Canyon State, that's about all that excites her from where she was raised. Well, that and of course, the main event that brought her to Los Angeles in the first place.

At the age of 18 Rachel, being the amazing Granddaughter she is, accompanied her Grandmother to a casino for a game of bingo. Just before state law changed the gambling age to 21, Rachel won the jackpot and used her winnings to escape to a place where she could pursue her dream of acting and become accustomed to parking tickets. Grandma supported this. The other little old ladies who lost to her at the casino that day however, only supported the parking tickets.

Her breakout role as Chelsea Brady on NBC's "Days of Our Lives," earned her two Daytime Emmy Nominations between 2005-2009 before leading to other television appearances on "Heroes," "House," and "Castle." But, it was her role as Penny Pinchelow in Universal's "Dumb and Dumber To" that really made Rachel a stand out. Since, she has appeared as a series regular on Fox's "Sleepy Hollow," recurred on MTV's "Awkward," and gave an impactful performance as a woman suffering from orthorexia on NBC's "Chicago Med."  

To see Rachel's full resume, click here.

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